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Julie Fitzgerald

Mobile: 707-478-6163 | License # CA 0B83711

Julie Fitzgerald is an independent insurance agent specializing in Senior Insurance Solutions and those with disabilities. She works with the major insurance companies so she can offer her clients appropriate coverage for them. Her clients are located all across CA, OR, WA, UT, NV, ID & FL giving her a great feel for the insurance landscape. She designs plans with a focus on low costs, and proper benefit structure, which she combines with personalized insurance advice aimed at helping her clients make better-informed decisions.

Julie's Commitment

From day one Julie has led the Life and Health Insurance industry by basing her business on the commitment to her clients and prospects by:
  • Promptly responding
  • Listening to their specific need
  • Focusing on personalization
  • Responsive Customer Service

Julie's Mission

Julie’s mission is to provide individuals, and seniors with assistance in understanding and making the right decisions when it comes to insurance. She has the skills, knowledge, and experience to help meet her client’s established goals. Her personal goal is to become a lifetime resource for her clients and give them greater confidence in choosing their insurance plan.

Scott Fitzgerald

Mobile: 707-328-3420 | License # CA 4085135

After 34 years of working for an industrial supplies and distribution company I have decided to join my wife Julie, to educate individuals in the Medicare space.  I am a licensed Agent in Oregon and California.
Due to the complexity of Medicare, my desire is to guide beneficiaries into making the right choice with regards to plans that will best fit their health and financial needs.
On a personal note:  “I love the outdoors and I am an avid Fly Fisherman, who feels we need to do a better job of protecting and preserving our cold-water fisheries.”

Julia Fitzgerald

As a career educator, I am delighted to now have the opportunity to help individuals navigate the challenges involved with making Medicare insurance coverage decisions. It is an honor to be given the opportunity to ease the stress of those under pressure to make wise choices for their unique healthcare needs. I look forward to being of assistance to you.

Anthony Grovet

Anthony Grovet

Mobile: 530-515-9461 | License # CA 3568144

Anthony Grovet is a health insurance agent licensed in California and Nevada that specializes in helping those eligible for Medicare. Driven by compassion for others he realized tedious design work would not give fulfillment, so he used his engineering degree to teach and share his love for math, science, and music. Now, observing the burdens facing his aging family Anthony has a new goal: to make healthcare affordable for everyone. Understanding a problem is the first step to a solution, he has adopted a simple approach: teaching everyone how Medicare can help them and listening to people to understand their needs. Using this information Anthony can help you navigate the many options available to help you find insurance that fits you best.

Michael Munson

Mobile: 480-495-7385 | License # CA 4060099

Hello, my name is Michael Munson. For a little over 10 years, I was a teacher in which I would go by Mr. M&M or Teacher when I was teaching 6th grade at an American School in Taipei Taiwan. In my younger years, I played a variety of sports including tennis where I competed through the intercollegiate level. I have an undergraduate degree in Physical Education and a Masters Degree in Elementary Education. My passion is education in which I teach to understanding. As your Medicare agent, my goal is to create understanding so that you can get the very best plan/s for your current life pursuits. I look forward to working with you.

Bridgeford Dunham

Mobile: 619-599-3004 | License # NV 3387696​

I am a seasoned licensed professional agent with over 40 years of experience. Working together we will explore all the options and benefits available to you under original Medicare; Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance and Prescription Drug Plans. My goal is to earn your business by keeping the process simple and easy to understand while helping you find the best program to fit your needs.
Bridgeford Dunham

Dave Affleck

Utah License# 673793 | Nevada License #359245
Mobile: (801) 960-7877

Dave Affleck is an independent insurance agent who is focused on providing individuals and seniors with the education and support they need to put into place a Medicare plan that will be most appropriate for their health care needs. Dave’s experience as an independent business owner started in the technology business. This is where Dave learned that supporting the client to meet their needs and goals is of utmost importance. The Medicare business is natural for Dave because of his love of people and his desire to make a positive impact in their lives. Dave will respond quickly and work tirelessly to design a Medicare plan that you can rely on to support your lifestyle and address your healthcare challenges.

Sheryl Hobbs

Mobile: (714) 813-0600

Is a licensed insurance agent in the state of Nevada. She specializes in Medicare and enjoys helping seniors understand and select the best medical options including original Medicare with a supplement and prescription plan or one of the Medicare Advantage PPO or HMO plans.
As a daughter of an Air Force Colonel she lived in three countries including Vietnam before the war, France and dozens of cities in the U.S. She has written a memoir: Bird of Passage, about her life. Her career includes ten years in social work and forty years in medical insurance. She was a Director of Sales for a Medicare HMO and a Regional Vice President of Sales for a dental insurance company. She lives in Henderson, is married to her college sweetheart and has three grandsons.

DeeAnn Schuttish & Alan Parkman

DeeAnn Mobile: (530) 638-2273 | 530-NETCARE | License # CA 4049052

Alan Mobile: (530) 338-0789 | (707) 560-1113 | License # CA 4052559

Partners in insurance and in life, agents Alan Parkman and DeeAnn Schuttish help facilitate the transition to Medicare.  Alan and DeeAnn help hundreds of Californians enroll in Medicare, protect them from surprise medical bills, and connect them to primary care providers and new plans when they leave an employer or move to a new community.  Together, they represent the top insurance companies in the North State and bring money-saving options to people when they need them most. Alan’s professional experience includes management, urban planning and public policy, landscape design and contracting.  A compassionate advocate for others, Alan is a superb analyst and problem solver.  With many years of experience working with attorneys, DeeAnn brings a sharp eye for detail along with an understanding of contracts and policy provisions.  She has a big heart and looks out for others as she would for her own family.

Alan Crosby

CA License #4232759

In my 25 years in business to business sales industry, I attribute my success by building personal and professional rapport and gaining long-lasting relationships with my customers. I believe that understanding people’s needs is critical in helping them understand what they need in a product. I feel that we need to be an advocate for senior citizens with their medicare needs. Medicare can be complex to some but can be explained with the utmost care and honesty, and that is what I will deliver to my clients. I feel it is a duty to serve and help others because it can help your own purpose in life as well.

Sylvia Weems

We Promise You

Professional, Friendly Service
Responsive, Timely Communication
Knowledgeable, Expert guidance

Medicare options can be complex and the process of choosing a plan may be overwhelming. We are committed to helping our clients navigate the various options to select the right Medicare insurance plan.